Hi, I'm Shalu!


Hi everyone! I'm Shalu. I am 28 years old. After I graduated from Fresno State University with my Business Degree, I started Throwshop as a home decor shop. I quickly figured out throw pillows is what I wanted to do, and here we are!

I design + work with talented artisans around the world to create the pillows on my shop. All pillows are hand made from start to finish. When you are supporting Throwshop, you are supporting me + the hard working artisans that put so much effort into bringing these beautiful throw pillows to life.

I do the creating/curating of pillows, marketing- creating, sending out emails, taking photos for my shop/instagram, sending out pillows to lovely ladies, packaging + shipping.

I love that I chose to just go for it. I work full time in Business Development for a startup while I work on Throwshop. And that's what I am working towards. Creating beautiful pillows for you. Thank you for being here <3